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As Manager of Hockey Development and Alumni, Rod Brathwaite provides a number of resources and learning opportunities for BC minor hockey players, coaches, volunteers and parents year-round through the operation of the Canucks Centre for BC Hockey.

By working closely with BC Hockey and Hockey Canada, Rod provides and facilitates a number of programs for minor hockey players and coaches of all ages and abilities. Female Jamboree, First Strides, Behind the Bench Coaches Experience, Mini Minor Hockey, and NHL Street are a handful of the programs Rod delivers. In addition, Rod acts as the alumni liaison between the current Vancouver Canucks organization and members of the Canucks Alumni.


While Rod spends much of his time planning hockey events for minor hockey players and coaches, he also has the opportunity to get out onto the ice and execute many of the same events. “No two days are alike,” explains Rod. “A typical working day during the regular season involves a number of phone calls mixed with sending and returning several emails. I’m always preparing for events that take place not only during Vancouver Canucks home games, but also when the team is on the road and having a time off.”

Game days for Rod usually begin at 8:00am, when he reviews and confirms all of the activities he is responsible for during that night’s Canucks home game. “I look over all the different elements that will be taking place that upcoming evening. These elements often include ensuring my program distribution staff is ready to work, making sure the Mini-Minor team knows where they’ll be going, and making sure our game day staff is aware of who’s coming to participate in the pre-game skate with the team.”


In terms of preparing yourself for a position like this, administrative office experience combined with sports and recreation familiarity is ideal. In addition, having sound knowledge and/or experience playing the game of hockey is a huge asset.

“The best advice I could offer someone who is interested in a position like this would be to volunteer and network as much they can,” recommends Rod.