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As the Manager, Scouting and Player information, Jonathan Wall has one of the most diverse positions within the Canucks organization. The majority of Jonathan’s time is spent working with the Vancouver Canucks scouting staff that travel all over the world trying to find new players for the Canucks.


The Amateur Scouts are scouring the hockey-world looking for players that the Canucks can draft or sign as free agents. The Professional Scouts are watching what all of the other NHL, AHL and Minor Professional teams are doing, evaluating players for trades and off-season acquisitions. The Canucks have about 15 scouts and each scout will see close to 25 games a month.

A big part of Jonathan’s job is to take all of the information that the scouts are gathering and turn it into reports that are used to assist in making decisions for drafting, trading and preparing contracts. In addition, Jonathan will also see about 10 games each month to help cover any games that are missed by the scouts.


Another interesting aspect of this position involves the immigration needs for Canucks players and their families. With players from more than 7 countries on the Canucks roster, each player who was not born in Canada needs special permission to work for the Canucks and travel on all of the road trips. Jonathan makes sure these documents are kept up to date, as they often need to be renewed every year.

Jonathan also plans and manages both the Summer Camp (for rookies and hopefuls) and the main Training Camps that take place each September. For these events, he works with the coaching staff to ensure that the entire camp runs smoothly. “While I don’t have to do every little thing myself, I work with our great staff to make sure everything is ready to go when our players arrive,” explains Jonathan.


“People ask me all the time how to get jobs in scouting and management in the NHL, but there’s not a simple answer for everyone,” says Jonathan. “I think the only common thread is to have a passion for the game and the willingness to work hard. Like a player wanting to play in the NHL, it can be challenging to get a job in hockey at the NHL level right away. This is why it is important to work your way up with teams at lower levels first. Junior, University and minor teams are often great places to learn about the game and the business, and most importantly, to get your name out there.”