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As the Multi-Media Producer for the Vancouver Canucks, Jason Steensma’s general responsibility is to produce and/or edit Canucks video content for a variety of outlets. He works in the Broadcast department that produces all the video content for CanucksTV.

This content is created for the ‘big-screen’ at Rogers Arena during games, Canucks TV Pay-Per-View broadcasts, Canucks.com, Canucks marketing promotions and a variety of other projects throughout the year.


A typical workday for Jason involves editing current projects and/or planning future projects and shows. On game days he edits and produces the video content for that nights’ game, including the opening video and any other game-specific video for that night.

“On Pay-Per-View game days we shoot and edit throughout the day in preparation for that night’s broadcast,” says Jason. “During the game we are putting together live segments as well as editing game highlights for use throughout the game, intermissions, and post-game.”


Important personal qualities that would be an asset for this type of position would be the ability to work well with others, be a great problem solver, and definitely have a passion for the job.

“Any project that gets completed is a team project, from the shortest video to broadcasting an entire game. Therefore the ability to work with other people where everyone contributes to a common goal is imperative,” advises Jason.

“The other quality that is a must is the ability to problem solve. There are many unforeseen issues on every project that must be dealt with quickly and creatively to get the job done. As well, and maybe most importantly, you have to have a passion for the job. You must enjoy what you are doing every single day and care about the projects that you are working on.”


Jason’s educational background consisted of a three-year Film and Television program at a Humber College Institute of Technology in Toronto. The first two years of his program were very broad and included instruction in every aspect of film and TV production. Jason studied photography, cinematography, lighting, live broadcasting, script-writing, graphic design, post production, as well as the business aspect of the industry.

“We were limited to two areas of study in our third year,” explains Jason. “I focused on script writing - because I liked it - and post production/editing - because I felt I could make a career out of this area.”

After college Jason interned at two post-production facilities and had the opportunity to learn a lot from some very talented people. These internships led Jason to his first few jobs in the industry, including a job as Assistant Editor, Documentaries for CBC Television. These jobs proved to be invaluable experiences.

“For anyone looking to work in the broadcast/film industry I would recommend a similar educational path as it has worked out quite well for me.”