Female Jamboree

In the celebration of the growth of hockey, the Female Jamboree provides an opportunity for over 150 female minor hockey players aged 5-13 of any skill level to play with other girls from around the province in a fun, fair and non-competitive environment.

The Female Jamboree has been around for over 10 years and has been a favourite to many girls who enjoy the game of hockey. Registration is a highlight of the event. Guest speakers from all walks of life give presentations on leadership, self esteem and other interesting topics relating to young girls involved in sports. Vancouver Canucks mascot Fin, makes a yearly guest appearance that brings smiles to everyone’s face, young and old.

Jamboree Philosophy:

The Jamboree is a grassroots development program for females who already have experience playing hockey as well as for girls who would be playing for the first time. The Jamboree is not a highly competitive tournament; rather, it's a fun day of learning more about hockey and making new friends. All players receive equal ice time and the emphasis is on fair play and sportsmanship.

Please check back in the fall for more information on the 2015-16 Female Jamboree.