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To request an appearance from FIN at your next event, please fill out the form online or print out the form and return completed forms to:

Community Partnerships - Vancouver Canucks Hockey Club
800 Griffiths Way
Vancouver, BC V6B 6G1

Or you can fax it to: 604-899-4640

For more information on having Fin appear at your upcoming community or corporate event call FIN'S MASCOT HOTLINE at 604 899-7888, or send FIN an e-mail.

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To host a charity game in your community here’s what you need to do:

  1. Fill out the Alumni game registration form
  2. Create a business / promotional plan to raise the money for your charity and charity game
  3. Secure a facility to host your charity game . (this building should be able to hold between 700 and 1,000 cheering fans)
  4. Find a team, who’s willing to play against the Vancouver Canucks alumni
  5. Find energetic volunteers to help promote and sell tickets for the upcoming Charity game

For more information on the hosting a Canucks Alumni game in your community, contact the Canucks Centre for BC hockey @ (604) 899-7770 or send us an email.

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Please visit this page for information on upcoming player appearances