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7th Generation

Created to empower British Columbia's First Nations' students to strive for excellence, the Seventh Generation Club also encourages students to celebrate the native culture and stay in school.

The Club, which is free to join, is designed to inspire students to consider important lifestyle choices, such as health, broad knowledge, meeting new people, and future educational and career opportunities.

Mission Statement:

“To create a Club where First Nations youth can envision their future by recognizing their own energy, the culture of their people, and the teamwork needed to succeed by giving them opportunities to make healthy life choices, participate in community, and meet the challenges of life.”

Through fun contests, newsletters, daytimers, prizes, and with the help of the Club Captain, the Vancouver Canucks, the Seventh Generation Club has been embraced by students, teachers, and administrators.

The Club has more than 7000 members across the province and now includes a Sports Day and a Science Day, as well as an annually published Science Book filled with educational experiments for teachers to use as a classroom resource.

For more information on the Club, visit the Seventh Generation Club website, www.seventhgenerationclub.com.