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Fin's Friends


The Fin's Friends program is designed to teach the basic elements of character education and social responsibility to primary students throughout British Columbia. Students are taught to respect themselves and others by emphasizing the virtues of strong character, such as compassion, kindness, and perseverance. Specific children's literature is used as a basis to stress these positive character virtues and all books are included in the package.

What makes Fin's Friends so unique is that it completely fulfills the British Columbia curriculum mandates for Social Responsibility in primary grades, as outlined in the "BC Performance Standards - Social Responsibility, Grades K-3". We were able to ensure this by partnering with local educators throughout the entire development process. By focusing on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that help the learner make responsible choices Fin's Friends develops the building blocks for life-long success. The curricula for each grade components are distinct from one another, with different literature and emphasized virtues:

  1. Kindergarten teaches compassion and fairness
  2. Grade one curriculum teaches kindness, perseverance, and peacefulness
  3. Grade two curriculum teaches respect and responsibility
  4. Grade three curriculum teaches courage and citizenship

Over the past seven years, Fin's Friends has been in more than 3355 primary classrooms, in both English and French Immersion, across British Columbia. So far, more than 84,000 primary students have participated in this valuable character education program. This program is provided on funding by the Canucks For Kids Fund.

For more information about the Fin's Friends Character Education Program, please email the Fin's Friends Team or visit our frequently asked questions page.

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Registration for the 2016.17 school year is now open.

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Replenishment form

If you are already registered for the Fin’s Friends program and have already received a kit, but are needing to replenish your supplies, please fill out this form.


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All replenishment items will be automatically shipped to your school during the first week of September. If you teach more than one grade of Fin’s Friends, please complete a separate replenishment form for each grade you teach.