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Questions and Feedback

Frequently asked questions

How can I audition to sing the national anthems at a Canucks game?

All interested anthem singers may submit an audio recording of both the Canadian and American national anthems, performed a cappella (maximum length 1:30 ea.), along with biographical and contact information to: Vancouver Canucks

Attn: Game Entertainment
800 Griffiths Way
Vancouver, BC, V6B 6G1

Please be aware that due to the quality and quantity of our current performers, there are limited spaces available for new anthem singers. Only successful candidates will be contacted.

How can I put a birthday or anniversary message on the scoreboard?

The Vancouver Canucks are happy to provide their fans the opportunity to purchase a special message to be shown on the bottom ring of the scoreboard during the second period of each home game. To make your request, please complete the Special Messages form.

*Please note that due to time and schedule restrictions special messages are not displayed during the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Where can I find the 50/50 numbers from previous games?

For a full list of all winning 50/50 numbers for the year go to the 50/50 archives.

How are contestants picked for contests?

Depending on the promotion, contestants are chosen at random by our game night staff. Contestants must have a valid ticket stub to participate, and some age restrictions apply to certain contests.

Where can I got during a game if I have a question or concern?

Our hosts at Guest Services will be happy to answer all your questions at Canucks home games. Guest Services desks are located near section 113 and section 104 (Club Section) in the lower bowl and near section 310 in the upper bowl.

How are performers or acts booked for Canucks' games?

All in-game performers are booked by the Canucks Game Presentation department. If you are interested in becoming a performer, you may send a demonstration package to:

Vancouver Canucks
Attn: Game Presentation
800 Griffiths Way
Vancouver, BC V6B 6G1

Only successful candidates will be contacted and package materials will not be returned.


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