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Aquilini Investment Group

Alternate Governor, NHL

Owned and operated by the Aquilini Investment Group since 2004, Canucks Sports & Entertainment is committed to providing a premium fan experience through the hockey club, state of the art Arena and charitable and community initiatives.

The Aquilini Investment Group owns and manages a diversified national real estate portfolio that includes commercial properties, multi-family residential apartments and condominiums for sale, office buildings, hotels, golf courses, and land held for future development.

The Aquilini Investment Group is a diversified family business founded more than 50 years ago by Mr. Luigi Aquilini. The group is now run by his three sons Mr. Francesco Aquilini, Mr. Roberto Aquilini and Mr. Paolo Aquilini. The Vancouver-based organization owns and manages a global conglomerate portfolio that includes commercial, industrial, residential construction and developments as well as properties, food and beverage, hospitality and entertainment enterprises, diverse agribusiness operations, and sustainable aquaculture and renewable energy ventures.

The Aquilini Investment Group is dedicated to supporting the community including through the team’s charitable organization, the Canucks for Kids Fund and its core beneficiaries; Canucks Autism Network (CAN), Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, and BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, including the Canucks for Kids Find Childhood Diabetes Laboratories.