How do I order an additional Executive Suite ticket?

You can order an additional suite ticket by completing the “Additional Ticket Order Form” and faxing it to the box office. To obtain this form, please contact your Account Executive. The cost of one additional suite ticket for Canucks hockey is to be determined. The cost for concert tickets is variable per show.

What time can I access my Executive Suite?

For hockey games, your Executive Suite is open 2 hours prior to the start of the game. For concerts, you have access to your suite 1 hour prior. All Hospitality Suites have access one hour prior to both hockey and events.

When do I receive my suite concert tickets?

Suite concert tickets are mailed the 1st business day of each month to the Suite Administrator. All concert tickets for the following month are included in each mailing. For example, all September concerts are mailed on the first business day in August.

How can we bring guests with bowl tickets into our suite for a visit?

Only recognized suite contacts/hosts can authorize guests with bowl tickets to visit your suite.
To avoid complications, we recommend that you call your Account Executive ahead of time so your guests’ names can be left with the Concierge. Please direct your guests to the nearest Concierge desk where they will find their name on our approved guest list. If the guest is a last minute addition, you may contact the nearest Concierge and they will be happy to assist.

FOR CONCERTS: Due to building regulations, all guests need to be pre-approved during business hours with your Account Executive

Who do I contact if I have a ticketing problem or have a question during event hours?

The Head Concierge is available to assist you at 604.899.7410 and is on duty three hours prior to each event for your convenience.

I have lost my suite tickets and parking passes for an event, how do I go about replacing them?

In the event that you lose a ticket or parking pass, please contact your Account Executive (604.899.GOAL) or if it is after business hours on an event day, the Head Concierge (604.899.7410). They will cancel the original tickets and issue replacements to avoid complications.

Can I bring in my own food and drinks, or gifts, to my suite?

Please contact your Account Manager during business hours, or call the Nortel Champions Club Concierge at 604.899.7838 during non-business hours.

Who do I contact to place an order with Aramark catering?

Please call the Aramark Sales Administrator at 604.899.7557.

How do I find out if my suite has a view for a particular concert?

For each concert announcement, you will receive an email from Premium.Client@canucks.com with detailed VIEW or RELOCATION information. Your Account Executive is also available to assist.

Can sightlines change for a given event and what happens if they do?

Depending on the promoter and ticket sales, sightlines may change. You will be notified by the Premium Client Service Department if there are changes that affect your suite.

For concerts, how can I find out who the opening act is and what time the main act starts their performance?

Your Account Executive has this information one day prior to each event.