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The main responsibility of the Staff Services Coordinator is being the daily contact for over 300 event staff, including, Hosts, Security and Housekeepers.

Sabrina spends most of her time on the phone with staff preparing for events big and small. Once receiving staffing requests from the event managers, it is her job to fill them. She needs to stay in constant contact with the event managers to keep them updated on staffing levels so they can make any adjustments that are necessary. Other projects she works on include assisting with the recruitment and training of new hires and administering all aspects of the staff recognition program.


On a typical event day, she takes phone calls of shift cancellations and makes all necessary changes. Once all staff have been removed and added, she prints off all the reports for event managers and Supervisors so they can prepare for the event. Staff lists are also posted so when staff arrives for their shift, they all know their positions for the event. The day after an event is usually a busy one. She completes all payroll and performance reports from the night before and notifies management of any follow-up that needs to be completed. She also updates the event folder to track any information relating to the event.


Sabrina worked as an Assistant General Manager of a café for many years, obtaining experience in managing, hiring, training and scheduling of employees. Although on a much smaller scale, the experience she gained has been a great contributor to her role with CSE. Sabrina went on to obtain a diploma in Marketing Management from BCIT in 2005, focusing on Tourism Marketing, where she gained knowledge and appreciation for the industry.


For someone looking for a similar role in the industry, you must be extremely organized and be able to work under tight deadlines and sometimes stressful situations. With so many people confiding in you, it is important to know how to deal with sometimes difficult and confidential situations. With over 300 employees, there are many different personalities, so you must be a good communicator, patient and understanding to everyone.