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As the Building Operator/Engineer, Steven Caron’s general responsibilities include maintenance of the facility including all the HVAC systems, lighting systems, and plumbing. He is also responsible for the ice installation, painting and the maintenance of the ice which includes driving the Olympia Ice Resurfacer during games and practices.


Steven’s typical day begins with an inspection of the condition of the ice sheet. The condition of the ice will dictate the rest of his day, if the ice needs flooding, edging, spudding that will be his priority. Then he must inspect all of the mechanical rooms which consist of the ice refrigeration equipment, air conditioning equipment and heating equipment within the building.


Game day will start the same as a non game day, but he will spend more time maintaining the ice to prepare for the game that evening. The NHL has a high standard that must be met. Steven must perform pregame ice work and operate the building, as well see to the requirements for TV, Radio Personnel, and Internal staff. During the event Steven’s time is spent monitoring the ice/building conditions, this is critical for the success of the Canucks, if the ice gets to cold or warm we have issues, if the building gets to warm or humidity gets to high we have issues. Steven has to bring his “A” game, on game night. Besides the monitoring of the conditions he must answer calls dealing with the fans, clients and the visiting team in the building.


Steven has a Fourth Class Power Engineering Certificate, which is a requirement for Rogers Arena. He also holds a Diploma in Recreation Facilities Management.

The best way to pursue this career is to start at your local arena and learn all you can about ice and building operations. These facilities will not have the high standards/requirements as Rogers Arena or the NHL however you will learn some important fundamentals.

Some personal qualities one needs are to be good natured and work well with the public and others and have high standards and work ethics, all of these traits are guaranteed to get you a long way in this industry.