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As Coordinator of Game Entertainment & Events Rebecca Grant’s main duties are to assist in planning and execution of all elements of game presentation. Everything from who sings the national anthem to when and where prize giveaways are done during the game.

This includes overseeing the scheduling for game night staff including the ice team, promo team, in-game host, and anthem singers. It also requires working closely with the marketing, business development, and community departments on any upcoming in-game promotion or events.


A typical game day for Rebecca begins at 9am and ends about a half-hour after the game is finished, usually around 10pm. One of the first things Rebecca does on game day is confirm the roster of the visiting team and update the team’s file for the scoreboard operators. She is also responsible making sure the group welcome and special messages that are displayed on the “jumbotron” during the game are updated in the scoreboards computer system.

A majority of the day is spent finalizing any changes to special events and promotions that night’s game and gathering all the prizing and props needed by the game night staff.

Once a finalized script has been created for the game Rebecca prints and distributes the scripts for announcer, scoreboard operators, DJ, broadcast, sound and lighting techs, building conversions, in-game host, and promo team.


As game time approaches Rebecca will meet the anthem singer or any live performer requiring a sound check. She will brief the game night staff, ice team, in-game host & Fin on the events and their duties for the night once they arrive. During the game she functions as the floor director for the Game Producer to coordinate this team of employees as they execute promotions and events throughout the arena.


Rebecca earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a concentration in Business Administration from Trinity Western University. Before joining the Canucks organization, she spent 5 years as the Game Presentation Director for the Vancouver Giants of the WHL and 4 seasons as a member of the CFL’s BC Lions Game Day Promotions Team. “Working in multiple sports provided me with a broader experience base and the ability to see what elements overlap between different types of events.”


This type of position is best suited for someone who is detailed oriented, organized, and flexible. “Live events don’t often go exactly as planned and you need to able to assess and respond quickly to situations”. A great way to gain experience in this type of role is by volunteer for the game crew with a local sports team or event company. Minor league, or college and university teams are a great place to star as they will likely offer a wide range of opportunities to try.