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What is the Free Canucks App and the Canucks Live App?

The free Canucks app gives you instant, one-tap access to exclusive photo galleries, live behind-the scenes video from the games, social media feeds, message boards, and player cards.

The Canucks LIVE app (coming soon!) enables users to watch live streamed Sportsnet games, real-time game highlights and archived condensed games, as well as game previews, recaps, schedule and real time scoring.

The LIVE app is only available to fans located in BC and the Yukon. Users located outside this geographic region will not be able to watch live Sportsnet games. The app, available in the iTunes store, will only work for the current NHL season. Users located outside BC and the Yukon must purchase games from the NHL’s Game Centre Live app.

Will the Canucks App work on my Smartphone?

The App has been tested to work on the following Smartphone devices:




BB 9639 4.6 to V5.0.0.674
BB 9700 4.6 to V5.0.0.726
BB 8900 4.6 to V4.6.1.378
BB 9000 4.6 to V4.6.0.518
BB 9700 4.6 to V5.0.0.1254
BB 9000 4.6 to V5.0.0.1137
BB 9700 4.6 to V5.0.0.1446
BB 9630 4.6 to V4.7.1.77
All iPhone 2G iOS 4.x
All iPhone 3G iOS 4.x
All iPhone 3Gs iOS 4.x
All iPhone 4 iOS 4.x
All iPad iOS 4.2
All iPod Touch 2G and up iOS 4.x
All Samsung Galaxy S Captivate (tested) iOS 2.1+
All Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate (tested) iOS 2.1+
All Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (tested) iOS 2.1+
All Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (tested) iOS 2.1+
All Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a (tested) iOS 2.1+
All HTC Desire iOS 2.1+
All HTC Desire Z iOS 2.1+
All Motorola Milestone iOS 2.1+

Android Users, please note - The Canucks Android App has been tested on the devices above, but should be compatible with all Android devices that run OS 2.1 (eclair) and up. The app must run from device, not SD. The device must be capable of running h.264, .MP4, RTSP streams. The App is optimized for hi-rez 800x480 screens.

Will the Canucks Live App work on my Smartphone? ?

The Canucks Live App is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. For all devices, the App requires iOS 4.0 or later.

How can I download the Canucks App?


Free: The Canucks App is available for free on iTunes HERE.
Paid: The Canucks Live App is available on iTunes for $9.99 HERE.


The Canucks App is available for free on Android Market HERE.


For BlackBerry devices there are two ways to download the Canucks App:

  1. The App can be downloaded through Blackberry App World
  2. The App can be downloaded from the canucks.com website:

The Canucks Live App says my device is not configured correctly and that I have to modify my APN settings. How do I do this?

  1. On your Smartphone device, navigate to Options > Advanced Options > TCP/IP and check that APN Settings Enabled is selected.
  2. Once that is set there are 3 additional pieces of data that need to be entered and they are carrier specific:
    • For Telus:
      • APN: sp/telus.com
      • Username for APN: <blank>
      • Password for APN: <blank>
    • For Rogers:
      • APN: internet.com
      • Username for APN: <blank>
      • Password for APN: <blank>
    • For Bell:
      • APN: internet.com
      • Username for APN: <blank>
      • Password for APN: <blank>
    • For Fido:
      • APN: internet.fido.ca
      • Username for APN: <blank>
      • Password for APN: <blank>
    • For Wind:
      • APN: internet.windmobile.ca
      • Username for APN: <blank>
      • Password for APN: <blank>

If the Canucks App still does not load correctly or connect to the internet, please e-mail us at mobile@canucks.com.

How do I turn on/off the push notifications on my iPhone for game scores and updates?

Click on your iPhone's Settings icon and select Notifications. Select the Canucks app and modify your notification preferences.

The App is not working on my BlackBerry. It says "Problem downloading the data. Try again later". What should I do?

Uninstalling and re-installing the app has fixed this issue. Please uninstall and re-install, and let us know if you continue to experience difficulty. If the problem persists, please send an email to mobile@canucks.com immediately and include details on your device, carrier, and connection type. Some users have reported problems connecting consistently via wifi, though the problem has been resolved by resetting the wireless router.

Why does the score take so long to update?

There is a known issue with the marquee box on the scoreboard page lagging behind the box score information. This will be resolved in the next update and released before January.

How do I see Twitter feeds in the Blackberry app and share via social?

Navigate to the 'News' menu, then using the Blackberry key to pop up the menu choices, select 'See Social Media Posts'.

What features does THE FREE APP have?

Once you have downloaded the Canucks App onto your device, you will have access to exclusive news, featured articles, social media updates, photos from practices, games and behind-the-scenes, Canucks.com and Canucks TV produced video, the Canucks interactive schedule, up to the second scores, stats and standings, and full access to the message boards on Canucks.com in addition to promotional offers from the Vancouver Canucks and their partners.

There's so much there you really need to download the app to experience it all. Trust us. It's worth it.

How much does it cost to download the Canucks App?

The Free Canucks App is, well, free of course, and availbale to download on both iPhone and Blackberry devices.

Canucks LIVE (coming soon!) is available to all users for a cost in Apple’s App Store, both for the iPhone and the iPad. Users can update by clicking the LIVE link in the Free Canucks App, or find direct links to the Apple stores on the Canucks.com/app page.

I have purchased Canucks LIVE, but it says I am in a blackout area even though I live in BC or the Yukon. What should I do?

Firstly, ensure you have “Location Services” turned on for your Safari browser by going to Settings>Location Services.

If you are located inside BC/Yukon and get this message and are NOT able to accept and continue to view video, please send a message to mobile@canucks.com immediately and include details on your device, carrier, connection type as well as your postal code. Please also send us the following device-specific information:

  • iPhone: Exit App > Go to iPhone Settings > Click on General > Click on About and send us the time your tried to access and your Serial Number (listed in About).

Why am I getting an "insufficient network bandwidth" error when I try to watch games?

If you are not connecting via Wifi, and have solid signal strength, please note your device and Serial number (Settings > General > About), as well as carrier and connection type, and send these details to mobile@canucks.com. If possible also go to go to mobilespeedtest.com in the iPhone browser, run the speed test and include the results in your email.

While your device may show a strong signal, your device may lack the dedicated bandwidth to play the live feed. Allow the feed to buffer. If the feed does not correct, try connecting via wifi.

Why is the video/radio and schedule not loading?

Please check to make sure your signal strength is full and has 3G coverage. If available, try connecting your device to WIFI if the problem persists. If your mobile device's signal strength is full and the video/radio or schedule is still not loading, please try closing and reopening the application. If you are using a public WIFI site, make sure that you open a browser and accept their terms and conditions, so that you are connected to the internet.

When the App was first announced, I heard Rogers mention that streaming of the game via 3G would not incur data usage for the duration of the season. Is this true?

This is Rogers' intention, although the technology for zero-rating video feeds lies with Rogers. Please contact your provider.

I am a Rogers Wireless customer, but when I click on "Rogers-only Video" it asks for a password. What should I do?

Exclusive Rogers content requires a password that is supplied via a short code: text 'password' to 5555 to receive a message from Rogers.

I see multiple Rogers Exclusive videos in the video tab, how come there are so many?

Users should only see two to three exclusive videos in the Videos tab. If you continually see more, exit to the home screen double-click the home button, press and hold the Free App icon until it shakes, then close by touching the red ‘minus’ icon. Exit to home screen and relaunch the app.

I get an error message when I try to watch video in the Live Blackberry app that says: "Your device is not properly configured to play video in the Canucks Live app. Please ensure direct TCP is available and setup correctly on your device." What does this mean?

You must make a change to the APN setting on your device. From you Blackberry desktop, choose Option (the wrench icon) > Advanced Options > TCP, then check the box to enable APN. If you are a Rogers or Bell customer, type: "internet.com" in the APN field. Save and restart your device.

I am an iPhone user and I see an incorrect calendar in this season's schedule. what can i do?

Please update your app through an update in the Apple Store. This will fix the calendar  bug.

How do I turn on/off the push notifications on my iPhone for game scores and updates?

Click on your iPhone's Settings icon and select Notifications. Select the Canucks app and modify your notification preferences.

Why can’t I watch games that are on TSN or CBC?

As the Canucks LIVE App streams all Sportsnet Pacific and Sportsnet Vancouver Hockey games, TSN and CBC games are not available.

I purchased the Canucks LIVE App last season. Will it work this year?

Coming soon.

How do I see the live box score in the Free Apps?

Navigate to the ‘Calendar’ menu and select the existing game. Detailed box score information will appear and update in real time.

How can I provide feedback or ask additional questions about the Canucks App?

We are very interested in hearing from Canucks fans. Please feel free to email us at mobile@canucks.com with any questions or comments you may have.