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As an Account Executive, Club Seat Service with the Client Service & Ticket Operations department, Samantha Docking looks after our River Rock Club ticket holders. Although hockey is her main priority, concerts and events are also a large part of the premium experience, and therefore, managing ticket requests and accommodating special requests are all in a day’s work.


A typical day includes helping our clients by answering their questions and solving their problems via phone and email. These include administrating their concert benefits, replacing lost tickets, purchasing jerseys, arranging disabled parking, fixing broken seats, etc. Depending on the time of year, she could be planning a meet and greet with the players, helping clients relocate into new seats, collect payments, or just soliciting their feedback on how we can do better. Every day brings a new and unique request, which challenges her to bring forward her very best in customer service.

Key qualities that are required for this job include excellent communication skills, strong teamwork, and patience. Experience managing accounts, working with VIPS, and working long days are keys to success in this role.


Samantha received her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Sociology at the University of British Columbia. She was a member of numerous organizations including the Student Residence Association and the Panhellenic community. These early networking groups were key to securing her first jobs outside of university.

A tip that she would have for people looking to go for their dream job would be to not be afraid to start at the bottom. Samantha first joined the Canucks organization as a part-time receptionist after she had completed her undergrad and had worked for over a year. By working hard, and having a good attitude, people took notice and she quickly moved up the ranks.