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As Marketing Coordinator for the Canucks, Tina Rogers is responsible for the strategy and promotion of various initiatives including the Fan Club, Special Events (Superskills, Open Practice, etc.), Canucks Mobile, E-News, and Social Media. Tina also works closely with the Sponsorship Department on activations and development of sponsor programs.


A typical day for Tina varies greatly depending on the time of year. The off-season consists of a lot of meetings with various departments to brainstorm new ideas for the upcoming season as well as to analyze what worked well during the past season. This generally includes pulling together a lot of reports and analytics from the previous years and researching new opportunities. During the season, Tina must work at a much faster pace. The department is constantly busy preparing new contests to go out to E-News, Fan Club, and Twitter followers, coordinating fan events, working with the creative team to put together posters, print ads, and digital pieces, and booking media support with radio stations and newspapers. When asked about her job Tina responsed: “The great part of this job is that there is no typical day and each day holds surprises!”


Tina has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Victoria focused mostly on event management and front of house management for Theatre productions. She started with the Canucks in the ticketing department as she had previous experience managing a box office with Ticketmaster. Tina credits her performance in this position to her education and work experience as these have taught her to work towards a firm deadline and to work with a product that has a high profile.

Tina recommends that people interested in this position should gain as much volunteer experience working with sporting events as possible in order to make the necessary contacts. It would also be a good idea to obtain a bachelor degree or a diploma focused on business.

This position is suited for cheerful, easy-going, team players with a passion for sports. The ability to collaborate and remain organized in a fast-paced environment is also a must.