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As Manager of Client Services and Ticket operations Aysha Martin is responsible for working with the Director, Client Service and Ticket Operations to develop the overall customer service, renewal and communication strategies around Canucks ticketing. Her primary responsibility at the start of this season is the launch and execution of the new customized benefits program for Canucks Ticket Holders. This requires her to work in conjunction with many departments throughout the company to ensure fulfillment of these benefits.


Aysha’s day to day schedule varies depending on the time of year. During the season, she is focused on the fulfillment of ticket holder benefits, the overall sales and service plan, and assisting with the customer communication plan. Leading up to the ticket renewal period for the playoffs and the following season, she assists with the strategic planning, as well as the production, design and distribution of ticket renewal and service collateral.


The Client Service and Ticket Operations department has one staff member scheduled to work each game night. If Aysha is scheduled to work a game night, her daytime responsibilities do not vary. During the game night, she is responsible for assisting game night staff with any season ticket holder related issues that require input.


Aysha graduated with a Marketing Management Diploma from BCIT. If you are interested in this type of position, post-secondary education, with a focus on business-related studies (eg. Marketing, Bachelor of Commerce, Sales etc.) is essential. To excel in this type of role, Aysha feels that the following qualities are most important: excellent communication skills, being a team player, strong planning & organization skills and a sound understanding of business.

Some of the most important ways to achieve a position like this are to pursue an internship with the Vancouver Canucks or other sports team as part of your studies and volunteer to work at local sporting events/tournaments. If you are just starting off in your career, do not expect to start at the top. Start at an entry level position, work hard, learn everything you can and move up from there.

Aysha describes the atmosphere at Canucks Sports and Entertainment as high-energy and fast-paced. “Team members have a passion for excellence and continually strive to provide the best service and put on the best game/event each and every time,” explains Aysha. “The best thing about working at Canucks Sports and Entertainment is the team of people I am fortunate enough to work with each day. The level of work ethic, expertise and passion that each person brings to the office each day is inspiring. The staff has a lot of positive energy which creates an exciting environment to work in."