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As the Director of Premium Client Services  Deborah Boren is responsible for sales and services of the Executive and Hospitality Suites, Avaya Champions Club and Best Buy Club, otherwise known as the premium seating areas in the building, continue to be sold-out. She manages the Premium Client Service team, which includes the Concierge team and is also responsible for creating exceptional in-game experiences for these premium clients.


A typical day for Deborah involves working with her team to ensure client satisfaction around ticket renewals of all premium seating areas and developing new ideas around the efficiency and excitement of the process. She also manages and helps develops projects for the team, as well as develops new programs to enhance the guest experience at Rogers Arena. Deborah is also involved in game day preparation. All of these daily tasks are focused on providing exclusive top level service to clients.


On game days, Deborah makes sure to confirm any initiatives that she is working on for that particular night, such as the attendance of special guests or any programs that may be running on the suite level. During the game, she often checks with guests and touches base with the Concierge team.


In an event-based setting, the ability to multitask is essential as well as the ability to work under pressure in a fast paced environment. Remaining calm and poised under pressure is also a must. You must be able to build strong relationships with many different groups, from your internal partners to your top suite clients. As this role deals with clients with high expectations, you must consider creativity and innovation as an essential part of your skill set. And finally, but also most importantly, you must be willing to change direction on a moment’s notice as each day is completely different from the one before.


Deborah obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours with a major in Art History. Previous to her job with the Canucks, Deborah worked as a Gallery Director, moved into a Client Service role in her gallery position and then later worked for a building development company. The Director, Premium Client Service role is a crucial aspect of the revenue-generating team within the Canucks organization with an extremely strong client service component. Sales experience is an asset and strong time management skills are essential. It is also important to be realistic about what goals you hope to achieve, but never stop believing in what you are capable of accomplishing.

“Our workplace is a thrill every day,” says Deborah. “Every individual within the company works at a very fast pace and all have a strong desire to have fun while doing our job. As our work is focused around the hockey team, we also strive to work together for the greater good and focus on the same goals as the players do on the ice.”

Deborah also adds that the best thing about working here is “the electricity of game day – there is nothing like it.”