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As the Retail Events Supervisor, for the Canucks Team Store for Concerts, Matt is responsible for supervising the retail staff on a daily basis and on event nights, taking charge of handling the merchandise for sale at concerts and events that happen at Rogers Arena.  He also tackles the payroll for the retail department.  


A work day for Matthew varies day-to-day depending on the Rogers Arena schedule. It is typically an 8:30am start, which gives him time to check e-mails and plan his day before the rest of the staff arrives. They then set their goals and budget for the day and begin the daily routine of managing the Canucks Team Store.


On game nights, Matt arrives at 1:00pm and, with the other supervisor on duty, gets all the cash and briefing sheets ready and completes the last-minute runaround re-stocking of the merchandise before the call-time. He will then brief the 50+ part-time staff and send them to kiosks or the primary Team Store to get ready before the doors open to the public. When the puck is on the ice, sales are slower in the Team Store but during intermissions they are extremely busy. If there are any issues or problems that come up over the course of the game night, Matt is also responsible for dealing with them.

Concerts at Rogers Arena are much different than Canucks hockey games: Matt arranges with the merchandise tour manager to count-in the concert merchandise at noon. His team then counts every single piece of product being sold that night and distributes it to the open kiosks around the concourse.

When the concert is on, it is generally very quiet in the stands so staff will transfer or add products as necessary. They then continue to sell after the show, bring all the products back to one place and then count it all again. It is important that the money and the amount of product that remains balances.


Matt has managed others and has been managed many times throughout his career. Management requires you to understand your employees’ needs, wants and work ethics. He has experience with leading teams at the Olympic Games in Whistler, sports teams in England and has travelled for an extensive period of time to do so. Being exposed to different people and work environments has given him a solid foundation to grow and learn from. Understanding staff and people and remaining calm and collected under pressure is a huge asset for this sort of position. How staff responds to you and is crucial. Your door is always open for anyone who ever has a problem.

Matt recommends that you get involved in as many team-oriented roles as possible, particularly in an event setting. Get experience not only in retail, but in other customer service roles also, where you’re dealing with staff and public.

“Work hard and be upbeat and motivational in the hard times,” Matt advises. “When the going gets tough, you need people to respond. It will show to your supervisors and managers that you’re capable of handling all things ahead in the best manner possible - these things do not go unnoticed. Never underestimate the power of face to face introductions or meetings. They’ll remember a face!”

When describing his experience working with the Canucks, Matt says that it is “ever-changing, fast-paced and fun. When the big moments come, you don’t want to be anywhere else. All your hard work pays off.”